Aluminium Bifold Internal and Exterior Patio Doors in Townsville

Designing and building a new home can be an overwhelming process, but rest assured, Vetro Windows and Doors are here to help you tick the essential element—doors— off your home checklist. We offer functional and stylish bifold doors to take your home to the next level: ease of use and versatility is assured.

The Benefits of Bifold Patio Doors

Here are a few reasons that we love bifold doors and why we believe that you will enjoy having them in your home.

1. Added security

Exterior bifold doors have multiple locking mechanisms which are spread out across the sliding track so there isn’t just one lock for an unwelcome guest to get past. This benefit is one of the most important and should be a factor when you are making decisions about the exterior doors of your home.

2. Bring the outdoors inside

Bifold patio doors can be an excellent way to open up your home and remove the barrier between your garden and your living room. Your next party can be both indoors and outdoors – people can move freely between the two to where the food is, where the kids are playing, and where the main party is going on with no division of areas.

3. It’s all about lighting

As bifold doors are mostly made of glass, your entire door will act as an extra window, bringing more natural light into your home. This can work wonders in smaller, darker spaces by brightening up the room and the atmosphere in general

4. Space savers

Ordinary doors can often get in the way if you want to leave them open, however, with internal bifold doors, this problem will vanish as the doors literally fold together against the doorframe, saving an enormous amount of space and making it easier to move between rooms without opening and closing doors constantly.

Why You Should Come to Vetro Windows and Doors for Bifold Doors in Townsville

Take your home style to the next level with stunning bifold doors that reflect your personality and the style you want for your home. With various options for hardware, seamless usability, security, and versatility, we believe that our stunning bifold doors will give your home that touch of modern class you want. We have been operating since 2015 and we are proud of the high-quality aluminium bifold doors we have to offer you.

Our products are manufactured in Australia to ensure our high standards. As a family owned and operated business, creating jobs in Australia is a priority to us, as is keeping Australian families safe in their homes with our high-performance bifold doors. We aim to add value to your home with our bifold doors due to their good looks, quality and security benefits.

Our goal is to help you create the home you have always wanted with easy to use doors that add to your home, instead of being a hindrance.

Contact us today to find out more about our bifold doors in Townsville and what we as a company can do for you.