Screen Options For Casement Windows

Casement windows look attractive, add character, and can be found on many heritage homes in Townsville. This style of window is attached to its frame by at least one hinge and usually opens from the side in a similar way to a door. If you have casement windows installed, you might be wondering how you can benefit from having security screens for your windows without needing to change the style of your windows. This article guides you through screening options for casement windows.

Why Is Screening A Challenge?

Security screens are a challenge for casement windows because they present practical problems. This style of window opens outwards, making exterior screens impossible. The immediate solution is to fix the screen on the inside of the window but this would prevent you from being able to open the window, including in an emergency. As a consequence, owners of casement windows need to find another solution to their needs for window screens.

Temporary Fly Screens

Temporary fly screens are a possible solution for casement windows. These products are usually inexpensive, easy to install and remove yourself and don’t block the windows when you really need access. Temporary screens might be a good solution during hot winter months when the air con is on and the windows are shut. However, these screens are not intended for security purposes. If security is your main motivation for choosing window screens, this might not be an effective solution.

Retractable Screens

Another option that might be more appropriate is retractable security screens. These are screens that sit at the top of the casement window frame and can be rolled down at will. This is similar to how a roller blind operates. An advantage of choosing this type of screen is that it’s more permanent than temporary fly screens. They tend to work well for casement windows because they usually sit neatly within the frame. You might find you can’t even tell that a screen is there. This style provides all the benefits of a fixed window screen but is ideally suited to casement windows. You can use them for awning windows too.

Benefits Of Security Screens

Regardless of the style of windows you have, custom-made security screens can be a worthwhile investment. They protect your privacy, making it much harder for outsiders to see into your property. This also means that potential thieves can’t see the layout of your home or your possessions. Steel mesh screens are also incredibly difficult to break through. They promote security inside the home too by being too difficult for adventurous pets or children to damage or escape through. Whatever style of windows you have at home, custom security window screens are well worth considering.

Security Screens Townsville

A beautiful heritage home in Townsville is no obstacle to having protective security screens. They’re well worth the investment for the enhanced privacy and home security they provide. If you’re looking for superior window screens, including casement windows, contact us to discuss your options.