Security Screen Doors Buying Guide

Choosing the right security screen door for your home can be a difficult decision. With so many options and styles to choose from, it can be hard to determine the best option in terms of security that also complements the structure and design of your home.

Here we’re going to guide you through the different security screen door brands available and highlight the value of security screens for your property.

Why should I buy security screen doors?

Increased security

Quite obviously, security screen doors work to maximise and strengthen the security of your home and property.  With tamper-proof hinges and an incredibly strong door frame, it’s extremely difficult for an intruder to enter your property without your knowledge. The installation of security screen doors often acts as a visual deterrent for intruders too.

Would like to know more about safeguarding your home with Crimsafe? Read our findings in this article.

Boosts the aesthetic appeal and value of your property

Installing security screen doors can be a great way to update the aesthetic of your home, yet perhaps more importantly, they can add significant value to your property.

Improved ventilation

Many security screen doors improve ventilation and air circulation throughout your home, which is perfect when living somewhere known for its warmer weather.

Security screens are not only great for doors but can also be installed on many types of windows. We have gathered all the benefits of having security screens for casement- and hinged windows in one of our blog.

Which security screen doors should I buy?


Crimsafe security screen doors are one of the most popular brands of security screens, maximising the protection of your home.

Crimsafe is renowned for its aesthetic appeal and screw-clamp system that makes the screens extremely difficult to break.

Their woven stainless steel mesh ensures that they are not damaged or broken easily, making them a worthwhile long-term investment for your home.

Crimsafe offers a variety of security screen doors, including the Classic, the Ultimate and the IQ style, which provide superior strength and architectural versatility to suit your home design and structure.


Invisi-Gard is another leading security screen provider, supplying a range of screen styles and designs.

Prioritising high visibility through their screen doors, their 316 stainless steel mesh helps to keep your property safe while improving air circulation.

Whether you are looking for sliding doors, hinged doors, or french doors for your home, Invisi-Gard has a range of efficient security screen doors to suit your needs.


Secureview security screen doors can be customised to suit the architectural style and design of your home.

These high-quality security screens ensure protection from intruders as well as from pests, who will also have restricted access.

These security screens enable you to have peace of mind within your home without sacrificing curb appeal.

At Vetro Windows and Doors, we provide and install security screens for homes across the Townsville area, including Crimsafe Classic, Ultimate, and IQ style security screens. For more information about why you should invest in Crimsafe security screen doors or give us a call today.

Alternatively, to speak to one of our experts about security screens or any of our other services, contact us as soon as possible.

Do I really need a security screen door?

Whether or not you really need a security screen door is ultimately up to you. Installing security screen doors is unlikely to cause any harm to your property and could actually increase its value. However, there are some circumstances where it might be worth thinking seriously about installing a security screen door.

If you’re concerned about the level of security in your home or you want to do more to protect your privacy, a security screen door is worth considering. It can be a useful measure for deterring potential intruders and giving you more privacy whilst still allowing plenty of light and ventilation into your property. This might be especially important if you have children or vulnerable people in your household.

What should I look for in security screen doors?

There are a few things you can look out for with security screen doors to ensure you’re choosing an effective model. Security screen doors should be compliant with Australian Standard AS5039-2008. You should also look for an installation company whose work is compliant with Australian Standard AS5040. Steel frames are typically regarded to be the most secure option but can also be made from aluminium. Steel bars or grilles are the type of infill to look out for if you’re aiming for maximum security. You can also look for security screen doors with reinforced corners for additional resilience.

What type of paint should a security screen door have?

Most security screen doors have either brush paintwork or a dry powder coating. Brushed paintwork is acceptable but you might find you have to retouch some spots after the door has had some wear and tear. This is because brushed paint can be affected by the sun’s rays, which can make it start to peel and flake off. This won’t affect the performance of your door but does affect its appearance.

If you want a low maintenance choice, you might prefer a door with a powder coating instead. The powder is cured using heat to ensure it’s strong and resilient. This approach produces a hard and durable coating that’s more like the coating on a car. It means the look of the door is likely to stay the same and there’s less chance of you needing to touch up the paintwork.

Why type of installation is suitable?

In general, there are two different methods for installing a security screen door – flush-mounted installation and tube-frame installation. Flush-mounted installations look more natural and might be appropriate if aesthetics are a big concern for you. However, they generally provide less security than tube-frame installations.

With a tube-frame installation, the security door is mounted onto the trim of your door. This means it sticks out a bit. This approach might be less visually appealing but offers improved security. The right approach to installation is likely to depend on your individual needs. Professionals can give you advice about the most appropriate method for installing your security screen door.