The Benefits of Hinged Window Security Screens for Casement Windows in Townsville

Benefits of Hinged Window Security Screens

At Vetro Windows and Doors, we supply and install a broad range of security screens and doors for homeowners and businesses in Townsville and the surrounding areas. Since 2015, we’ve grown a reputation for excellence, and we’re proud to be certified fabricators for some of the leading brands in the industry, including Crimsafe, Vantage and Elevate. Keep reading below to find out why our solutions are becoming increasingly popular.

Top Reasons to Invest in Window Security Screens in Townsville

1. Maximise home security

The prominent reason to purchase security screens for your casement windows is to add an extra layer of protection against crime to your house. We manufacture our screens with steel wire mesh that’s virtually impossible to penetrate, ensuring unwanted intruders can’t break into your home through the windows. Moreover, we make sure criminals can’t remove the hinges to bypass your screens. We also sell and install a broad range of security doors that you might be interested in if you want to seal all the potential entrances to your property.

2. Bolster privacy

Window security screens in Townsville work like a double-sided mirror. Due to the angle of the mesh, it’s challenging for passers-by to peer inside your home and scope out your possessions. However, you’ll still be able to enjoy an unobstructed view of the outdoors. We have an extensive selection of products available for all types of window, whether you have bay or casement windows, and you can tell our professionals the level of privacy you wish to achieve.

3. Set a positive first impression to guests

Our hinged security screens work to bolster the appearance of your home. You can either choose a style that will complement your windows or select a barely noticeable option. Whatever your needs, we can accommodate. Call us if you want to discuss our vast range of solutions.

4. Keep pests and insects out

While security screens are primarily purposed to keep intruders out, they’re also useful for preventing critters from entering your home. On a temperate day, you can open your windows to let the breeze roll in without having to put up with flies, ants and other unwanted pests. Whether it’s people or animals you want to keep out of your house, our hinged security screens for casement windows can handle the task.

5. Let natural light flood your home with compromising on security

As mentioned above, our screens prevent people from being able to peer into your home, but they don’t block natural sunlight from illuminating your indoors. They do, however, assist with preventing harmful UV rays from discolouring your valuable items of furniture.

6. Improve home comfort

With the added security, privacy and style our window screens provide, you’ll feel more comfortable relaxing indoors than ever before. Moreover, you can expect our top-quality solutions to remain intact for decades with little-required maintenance. You might even be able to increase your home’s value by installing our durable security screens, which can boost your property’s appeal.

Learn More about Our Hinged Window Security Screens

If you want to take your home’s security to the next level, there’s no better team to call than Vetro Windows and Doors. If you’d like us to visit your home, assess your needs and offer recommendations, don’t hesitate to contact us.